Saturday, July 24, 2010


Here's a link to a blog about a new project I'm working on with thirtysome other people - HARMONY. It's an encaustic art project with this goal, "Together, we will be creating a work of art that is greater in sum than its individual parts. We will be working in harmony for the benefit of humanity."

That's kind of a tall order but, at least, we'll be creating something in collaboration. Maybe it will come to stand for something bigger than itself. We'll see. I like the concept.

As yet I don't have the part I'm to work on but I'll post photos to this blog as it gets underway. I'll be given the composition and I know the basic colors to use. Other than that it's up to me.

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Cindy Morefield said...

What an interesting project! Intrigued to see how it develops.