Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last comments on Art Prize 2011

I have some thank yous to post -
- Cathy and Alan Moore for a warm home and comfortable bed during the three weeks of Art Prize
- Ellen Wilt - thanks Ellen, for the beautiful working space
- Connie Cronenwett - thanks Connie, for the timely use of your paper cutter
- Klaus Wolter - thanks Klaus, for taking pity on me and making the jig
- Paul Malboeuf - thanks Paul, for food, ideas, videos, construction help, support and a million other things
- Rick DeVos for the platform that allowed Art Prize to happen
- the people of Grand Rapids for their warmth and understanding of Rain

MLive Art Prize do over? Here's the link

My two favorite videos of Rain:

This one by Paul Malboeuf on YouTube

And this one by Dustin Dwyer on YouTube