Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here is the link for the finished collaboration between 32 artists working in encaustic. The work is entitled HARMONY (in case you didn't know). It will travel and be for sale for $5000. The money from the sale will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

If you follow the link above you can see the finished artwork, the names of participants below the artwork. If you click on the individual squares in HARMONY you will be led to an image of one person's work and the story of that work.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Silver Liquid: a tribute to water - part 3

Exhibition dates: October 19 - November 28, 2010

"Sumi Pond"
encaustic on Sumi drawing on wood panel
22" x 22" x 2"

"black ink"

encaustic on Sumi drawing on wood panel
22" x 22" x 2"

WSG Gallery
306 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
WSG website
WSG blog

more to come -

Silver Liquid: a tribute to water - part 2

Exhibition dates: October 19 - November 28, 2010

collaboration between Lynda Cole and
Candace Compton Pappas
silver leaf on polyester film, cement
10'h x 5'w x 5'd
The hanging sculpture rotates and the individual squares move with air currents.

Perceptual title: "Peace Ball"
Conceptual title: "Wrapped Pond"

encaustic with EPS center
2' diameter
the dish is wax on concrete

WSG Gallery

306 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
wsg website
wsg blog

more to come -

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joe and Tif's new house, in progress, August, 2010

These photos are of Joe and Tif's house after the green roof was planted but before the front yard was finished. A day later the front looked quite different but I don't have a photo of that.

a detail of the round window in the kitchen -

Silver Liquid: a tribute to water - the photos

This is the first in a series of posts about my new exhibit at WSG Gallery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. These photos hang in a grid. The grid makes up one of 11 pieces in the exhibit. All of these photos are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 rag paper using pigmented ink.

The exhibit runs from October 18 - November 28, 2010. WSG Gallery is located at 306 S. Main, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The opening reception was October 22, 7-10 pm.

Snoqualmie Falls, Seattle Washington

studio 1, Ann Arbor, Michigan

studio 2, Ann Arbor, Michigan

fog on Mohonk Mountain, High Falls, New York

water as solvent, window cleaners on some hotel windows

sand pattern on Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts

water reflections in the water off Roatan, Honduras but they could be anywhere with the sun and water in the right relationship. I love these patterns wherever I encounter them.

Jones River Salt Flat grasses with water drops as jewels (altered), Gloucester, Massachusetts

Grand Traverse Bay tranquility, Michigan

Grand Traverse Bay sedges with their doppelgangers, Michigan

with Jim and Christina, Sarah and Pete in Cornwall, England

with friends in Cornwall, England

some hardy surfers in Cornwall, England

bull kelp off British Columbia, Canada

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Paul and I went to visit Joe, Tif and Anouk. These are some new photos of Anouk. It was lightly raining. Anouk is a very busy little girl.

HARMONY continued

This is what I received from Rodney Thompson - the panel (beautiful without anything on it) and the template of my section of HARMONY to paint with encaustic anyway I want.

I've done my painting but have to keep it secret for awhile yet. We all had to use the same color palette: green gold, Indian yellow, titanium white and raw umber. Using someone else's colors was an interesting challenge. I usually constrain myself to a red, a yellow and a blue + white. This was quite different with 2/3 of the color wheel not available.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Here's a link to a blog about a new project I'm working on with thirtysome other people - HARMONY. It's an encaustic art project with this goal, "Together, we will be creating a work of art that is greater in sum than its individual parts. We will be working in harmony for the benefit of humanity."

That's kind of a tall order but, at least, we'll be creating something in collaboration. Maybe it will come to stand for something bigger than itself. We'll see. I like the concept.

As yet I don't have the part I'm to work on but I'll post photos to this blog as it gets underway. I'll be given the composition and I know the basic colors to use. Other than that it's up to me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Different Alphabet

Since October I've been working on a major piece of art for the Bloomfield Township Public Library in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It's called A Different Alphabet. It was installed on January 29, 2010. The materials are 4"x4" squares of patinated silver leaf on polyester film supported on a wire armature. There is a flat piece of red/orange aluminum mounted on the wall at the right end. Except for the aluminum A Different Alphabet stands out 4" from the wall. It is about 18' wide and 6' high.

To go with the dedication of this piece, I participated in a panel discussion on Public Art with Reed Kroloff, Christine Schefman and Marc Schwartz. This was at the Bloomfield Township Public Library on February 4.

So, here is a photo of A Different Alphabet in its new home in the BTPL -

work in progress in my studio shortly before it went to the BTPL -