Sunday, June 15, 2008

another grey - CCQ

This is a really useful grey. I was taking a workshop on "Painting Still Life" which is a stretch for me. I used these three colors (Cobalt blue, Cobalt yellow and Quinacridone red) to get to a nice dark black, the greys and the bright, various oranges I needed to paint the orange (fruit) that I was using as my subject. Because I know these colors will work together to make black and grey, as opposed to mud or some dull greenish black, I had a full range of bright, primaryish colors through the secondary colors and on to black to work with. Plenty of choices and they are guaranteed to all look good together since they're incestuous.

The workshop was an extension of the Second Annual Encaustic Conference held in Beverly, MA. I learned lots and made new friends - nice.



cobalt blue

cobalt yellow

quinacridone red

variation 1

variation 2

variation 3

I tried to make these color samples smaller but no luck - maybe next time.

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