Friday, May 9, 2008

Second Annual Encaustic Conference

This is an image of "White Weather" a piece of mine that was juried into the exhibit at the Second Annual Encaustic Conference being held at the Montserrat College of Art this June. Using infrared film, I snatched this composition from the length of the film strip, waxed it and paper engineered it to this geometric, 3 Dimensional shape. The folded pattern works with the printed pattern like weather components layer upon diurnal rhythms to give us each unique, meteorological day. I took the photographs in 2005. I created this piece in 2008.

The juror was Laura Moriarity, Director of Exhibitions at the Gallery at R&F Handmade Paints. Laura is a painter and sculptor, beginning with multi layered flat wax which she builds into very 3 Dimensional forms.


TexasWAX/Houston said...

Congratulations on getting work into the exhibition. I look forward to seeing there in person and meeting you.
Gwendolyn Plunkett

Lynda Cole said...

Thank you Gwendolyn. I look forward to meeting you too and the others who are, so far, just blogs, images and words.