Sunday, April 13, 2008

wax and encaustic I'm working on now

The wax shells are pretty delicate. I mentioned them with a photo in a previous post and said I'd find something to do with them. I have. This is the first way I have found to commit the wax shells. The details on this piece are
19"h x 33" x 2 1/2", wax shells on encaustic on panel. The panel is mounted in a steel, fabricated L bar frame.

Here is a bit of a statement about this work -

"Bass Notes"
The luminous, delicate, 3 Dimensional, round shells of wax against the flat, irregularily lined background constrast the variations to be found in some music. The bass rhythms float and seem almost airy - thus the pale colored bass notes that anchor the piece - while the rest of the music cavorts in its various, intersecting paths.

and a detail of the shells -

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