Monday, March 10, 2008

WSG Gallery Grand Opening in its new location

I'm one of the artist/owners of WSG Gallery. Last week we opened in our new location on Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This was the first exhibition in the new space. The interior was designed by the Ann Arbor firm of Penchansky Whisler Architects. The long side of the gallery faces an interior atrium and is glass. It gives a broad look into the gallery space with its 51' long, white wall which angles across the space. The long wall is 8' high at one end and 10' high at the other end so the top of the wall also angles.

Here are some photos from the opening.

The Community High Jazz Band played in the atrium

This is a link to more photos from the opening.
The photography is by Paul Malboeuf.

Here is a small sample of some of the art in this exhibition -

Lynda Cole: "untitled (pink and palladium): 72" x 24": encaustic, palladium leaf on plexiglas

Michelle Hegyi: "Tides 3", "Tides 2", "Tides 1" each 1/5 in edition: each, 24" x 18": encaustic and pigment ink on rag paper: mounted with magnets on plexiglas strip

Valerie Mann: "Evening Bags for the Midwestern Woman, #8 w/ Matching Pumps"

Elizabeth Schwartz: "Melange" 24" x 20": acrylic on canvas

You can find more images and information about WSG Gallery on our website -

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leslie said...

Nice photos! they really do the beautiful space justice :-)