Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Roatan, Honduras with family

With other family members I went to Roatan, an island off the north coast of Honduras, over Christmas 2007. The sun and sea were beautiful, the snorkeling was great but the best was the wide, water horizon. What a perfect line.

These are photos from that trip.


hrw said...

i've been cleaning up my favorites list and had no idea what i'd find when i clicked "bonzochronicles." then, somehow, i was jumped to the middle of the page, saw all this stuff on encaustics, thought, gee i should email this to lynda, looked at the whole page. . . . great pics of hondoras

Lynda Cole said...

Thanks for the kind words. I've been busy trying out some new things in encaustic. Hope to post photos the end of this week.

Jeremy said...

hi there. I was doing random searches and decided to check out the people who listed "The Razor's Edge" as one of their favorite books and up you popped. Hondoruas is beautiful I hope you enjoyed yourself and took back some inspiration. How interesting that you are an artist too. FUN! I wish you the best and will continue to visit your blog. Hope that you will find time to check mine out too. Who was your favorite character in "The Razor's Edge." I loved Sophie. She seemed to be such a free spirit, even if it was broken, it managed to fight to be free. Such a great book.