Monday, November 26, 2007

trip to deliver art to the Gallery at R&F in Kingston, NY

It took 10.5 hours to drive from Ann Arbor, MI to High Falls, NY. I liistened to a mystery on CD and the time flew by.

I can recommend a very good B&B in High Falls. It is The Arbor B&B. The woman who runs it, Nancy Greenwald, is an excellent cook so the hot breakfasts were wonderful and there were homemade cookies or loafcake available when I came home in the afternoon. Also, white cotton sheets on the bed and only fresh flowers from her garden in season - no tacky, plastic - ever. The Arbor is easy walking to good restaurants and a short drive to Mohonk Mt. If this sounds like an endorsement of The Arbor, it is. I stay at quite a few B&Bs but rarely twice at the same one. It's usually the tacky plastic flowers and the cold cereal for breakfast that drive me away. I'll stay at The Arbor anytime I'm in that area.

I dropped my work off at R&F Gallery in Kingston. That was the purpose of my trip. Then the rest of the day was free for photographing. Here are some examples from High Falls and Mohonk Mt.


Cary said...

Great work.

Lynda Cole said...

Thanks Cary. These photos were actually taken in High Falls, near Kingston. It's a beautiful location. Easy to find good photos.